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Live What You Love!! Why Beachbody Coaching?


I have to make a confession about something I used to try to hide. Something I don’t talk about much is the fact that I am a Beachbody Coach. I never saw myself going in this direction with my nutrition and fitness coaching. I am a crossfitter. I preach well-balanced nutrition. I hate talking about myself, and never ever posted on social media.

So when I was first approached with the opportunity I said ‘no, thank you, I’ll pass.’

I didn’t want to…
**Post pictures of Shaun T all over my Facebook page, sell to my friends, and host parties.
**Spend all of my money of on supplements, cleanses, powders, and pills that I knew wouldn’t work.
**Promote workouts and nutrition plans that I didn’t believe in
**Post transformation pictures in a bikini (not in a million years!)

I was close-minded – I thought I knew better. And I was so wrong! This is what really happened:

**I gained confidence and leadership skills I never knew I had.
**I continued to grow past my eating disorder and body image struggles, a lot of thanks to our amazing accountability groups.
**I found my go-to protein + superfood supplement (and it actually tastes good!)
**I met some of my BEST friends and built relationships that go way beyond the business.
**I’ve been able to grow a thriving fitness and nutrition business all based on supporting others, teaching women to love themselves, and build healthy eating and fitness habits.
:: I get to SHARE products I love, believe in, and know are effective.

I want to share this opportunity with as many people as I can! So if you’re looking for that SOMETHING, that THING, that FREEDOM, in your life…

LET ME share this opportunity with you. You will never know what you’re missing out on if you don’t check it out. No obligations, no strings attached!
I’m inviting you to join me in a PRIVATE sneak peak event this Tuesday night where I’ll share with you ALL of the details about coaching so you can see if this opportunity is for you or not!
If not, okay

Wanna check it out? MESSAGE ME or COMMENT BELOW & I’ll get you an invite!

Income disclaimer to make our legal department smile and relax…😉
Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Team Beachbody Coach income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence and skill.

Do you hate MONDAY’S???

I used to dread Sunday nights. Even at the age of 10, I hated school and always loathed the Sunday night anticipation of another week ahead. As I got older it became the college fear of Monday’s diet starting from scratch another week of restriction and endless hours of cardio.

Then the real world hit, and Monday’s were still a struggle, as I knew less sleep, long hours, and doing things I weren’t very passionate about were looming in the week ahead. Not only that, I had long drives, and a vicious cycle of restriction and overeating to anticipate.


Monday’s are now my favorite day.

Monday’s are a fresh start.

A day to continue with my healthy lifestyle.

The opportunity to help a whole bunch of people in the week ahead.

Monday’s have now become just any other day. Why?

Because I took my power back. I decided I no longer wanted to settle for a less than mediocre life. Even though I was terrified to fail, was SUPER skeptical of the opportunity in front of me, and had ZERO confidence in myself, I decided to STOP with the excuses.

The only one in your way is YOU.

So I invite you to make the decision too.

Anyone ever dread another Monday back to work? What about missing out on something you really wanted to do because you “had to work”?

Anyone ever have to say no to buying something you really wanted because you knew you had a bill coming?

Me too. But not anymore.

16 months ago I made a life-changing decision to take control over my OWN life.
Now I get to live a life I never thought possible. I get to work my own hours, wear yoga pants daily, work from home as a stay at home dog mom, all while helping other women on their own journeys to improve their life.

And now, I want to give you the chance to take control too.

On Tuesday night, September 29th I’m going to give you a glimpse into what I do and how I do it. You’ll get a no strings attached look at this life-changing opportunity that made me never dread another Monday again.

If you want to join my LIVE 1 hour Glimpse into Coaching Event —

PS: You cannot already be a coach or working with another coach

Shape up for Summer

Toned. Lean. Strong.

If you want those 3 words to describe you, you gotta get in my latest TEST Group.
Through my own transformation, I was able to learn the foundations of building a lean and toned body.

If you want to lean out, lose weight, or even build muscle, this is for you.

I’ve grown a passion for helping other women find their own strength, and now I want to pay it forward and share with you all I know.


This is what I’m here to offer you!!!

  • Dialed in Strength Training Program (you can do in the gym or at home)
  • Meal Guide
  • Customized Macro Coaching
  • Recipes
  • My 5-Day Weight Loss Jumpstart (Immediately!)Accountability & Support
  • Proven Results
  • My Fitness Pal Coaching
  • Optional additional cardio workouts

Learn to eat for life, and not just a diet. You’ll learn strength-training fundamentals, get a complete lifting program, and my one-on-one support and guidance with your nutrition and workouts.


IF YOU ARE SERIOUS DROP YOUR EMAIL BELOW AND I WILL REACH OUT TO YOU Email [email protected] if you do not want to drop your email.

It’s HERE!!!!!


It’s HERE!! If I could offer you 60 days to change your life, and sweat to summer, would you be interested?!  

  • 60 Days
  • 100 Miles
  • Getting FIT to Shine!

I’m looking for ladies who fit the following:

  • You want to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.
  • You’re ready to finally make a change this spring, and be in the best shape EVER by summer.
  • You’re ready to admit that you need accountability to keep you going (I know I do!)
  • You struggle with your food and nutrition and are looking for an easier way to make things happen.


Because Sweat to Summer is coming!!!

If you have 10-30 lbs to lose and are serious about making a change in your fitness and nutrition, this is for you. Picture heading into summer, completely confident in your own skin, feeling healthy, vibrant, and full of energy. We’re going to work hard, push together, and create healthy habits that will last a lifetime, so you can enter the summer feeling absolutely fabulous.


What you’ll get:

  • A workout program selected to fit your individualized goals and needs.
  • Weekly one on one accountability check ins with your personal coach.
  • Additional workouts created by a certified personal trainer just for our sweat to summer participants.
  • Recipes, meal ideas, suggested meal plans and all things nutrition.
  • Our favorite tips on hydration, emotional eating, body image, meal planning, and more.
  • 30 days our favorite nutrient dense meal replacement.
  • Customized goal coaching, top secret to our group only!
  • Chances for prizes, give aways, major recognition, and more…

Where do you start?

Start right here, right now! Send me an email to [email protected] and let me know you’re interested! I’ll respond ASAP and, help get you started on a program to fit your goals, and get you motivated in no time!

Ask all your friends to join you too! Let’s get summer ready, together!

What about Nutrition?

Along with your fitness program selected just for you, we’ll help you reach your nutrition goals, by teaching you to make the best choices possible for your body. We’ll work together on meal planning, meal prepping, plus things like cheat meals, eating out, and handling weekends.

Think about it, where do you want to be by the first day of summer?  How will you get there? How do you want to feel in your skin? 

Let’s make it happen!! If you’d like to be considered either head here and apply or send me an email to [email protected]

I’m even running a sneak peak of the program on Facebook starting March 23rd. To join in simply head here and request to join.

How to Dream BIG!!!

I’ve always been a dream big kind of person. From wanting to be Britney Spears’ backup dancer at 13, to finding CrossFit and deciding I would be a CrossFit athlete, to skipping the normal job route, and moving to New York after college, my mind has never been my limit.

My motto was always, why live an ordinary life, when you can live an amazing one?

Then reality hit. I was 26, struggling to find an apartment I could afford, had a failing coaching business on my hand, and was waitressing, teaching dance, and personal training, none of which were my passion. My sparkle to dream big was gone. That fire in my belly was put out, and I was disappointed.

When the Beachbody opportunity came to me, I thought nothing of it. I am a terrible sales person, do like to post on social media, and hate talking to new people, so the option was out.

Thanks to my coach’s persistence though, I began to think more and more about the opportunity.

Maybe I could make this work? 

What if I could pull this off?

What if I dreamed big just one more time?

I reluctantly joined Beachbody in January of last year with zero expectations. I had a failing health coaching business, blog, and life I didn’t really love so what was the harm in trying?

Over the next couple months, something shifted inside of me. Suddenly I was stepping outside of my comfort zone daily, helping the people I wanted to help, was motivating others, along with myself to get healthier and happier.

My self-confidence, body image, and finances took a turn for the better, and it was all from that small decision to dream big one more time.

Because of beachbody, I have been able to pick up the pieces of my life again, and am working towards living the dream life I’ve always imagined. I’ve improved myself as a person, built a business I adore, and get to work with the most amazing people daily.

And now I want to invite you to dream BIG one more time….

What would your life be like with an extra $200 a week in your bank account?

What would your life be like if you could create the life you’ve always dreamed of, while working part time from home?

What would you do with endless opportunity to grow and develop as a person and as a business? 

On February 16th, I’ll be hosting a 5 Day Coaching Open House so you can see what this business is all about. I’ll be pulling back the curtain on what I do on a daily basis, sharing my full story as a coach, along with success stories from leaders in the business. You’ll learn the ins and outs of coaching, along with the nitty gritty details like whether this is “just a scam”, how to get started, and how this all actually works.

If you want to be included please send me a message ([email protected]) or comment below and I’ll get you started. I’m so excited to share this with you!