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“I’m doing everything right and I’m not losing weight.”


I used to say that line constantly. I still remember my frustration so clearly.

I was following a super strict Paleo diet. 
I had a Master’s Degree in Nutrition.
I was working out like a crazy.

And my body wasn’t changing.

Then, I took a good hard look at two things.

My mindset.
My portions.

My mindset towards food was horrible. I constantly thought about all the things I couldn’t eat, craved sugar all day long, and felt so much hatred for the way I looked.

Because I was so frustrated with what I “couldn’t” eat, I overate on all the things I could: fruit to get my sugar fix… dried mango, almond butter, anything to fill the gap from all the foods that were “off limits”.

So I decided to make a change.
I no longer put foods off limits.
I started to address and repair my screwed up relationship with food and my body.
I dialed in my portions and started to learn exactly how much of what foods I needed to reach my goals.

Game Changer.

Finding balance wasn’t easy. It took trial and error. And it certainly wasn’t FAST, but it was so very worth it.

And you can do it too. We can do it together. I’ve got something AMAZING coming very soon 😉
Is this something you struggle with too?

🛑 STOP letting fear hold you back 🛑

For so long I held myself back from so much, simply for the fear of failure.
What if I made the wrong decision? 
What if I wasn’t good enough?
What If I’m too far gone?
What if it’s not possible for me?
Fear stopped me. It limited me. It pushed me to not even bother trying. And guess what… because of that, I continued to stay stagnant and unhappy.
Then I shifted my what ifs?
What if I didn’t fail?
What if I made the right choice?
What if I ended up happier? Better? Stronger?
Just because I had failed in the past didn’t mean I would this time.
Now, I see people all the time who hold themselves back from making change because they are are afraid to fail. They stop themselves before the start. They let self doubt and their inner mean girl trigger them to stay stagnant.
But this time, I challenge you to STOP letting it hold you back.
You are capable of so much more.
Make this the time you take a chance on yourself, you are so worth it.
What if you don’t fail?
What is one thing you’ve let fear hold you back from?

Love your Strong

“Concentrate on your legs and butt. You are building too much shoulders and back.”

Glories of social media. When that comment popped up in my inbox I did a double take.

Now I will be the first to tell someone else not to let a random, creepy comment affect how you feel about yourself. 

BUT it most definitely hit a nerve of something I can be self conscious about it.

Earlier that day I had debated posting a workout video for fear that my arms looked “too bulky”.

I love strength training.
My workouts are my saving grace.
But quite honestly I’ve forever been a bit self conscious of looking a bit too strong.

Body image has always been a work in progress for me.

Growing up as a dancer and comparing myself to fitness instagrammers who share what I do for a living, can definitely play some mind games.

And while I so badly got triggered to not pick up a weight for a week, I reframed it.

“I’m learning to love my strong.”

And repeat that again.

Never ever be afraid of being too strong.

Your strength shows your health.
Your ability to move.
Your ability to fight.

Learn to love your strong. 🏋🏻‍♀️



This time last year I was broken.
I’ve been reflecting a lot the past couple weeks about a time when I was struggling worse than I ever had been and it all started around this time last year.
I was overwhelmed. 
I couldn’t get a handle on my workouts.
My nutrition took a nosedive off the deep end.
I would cry for no reason. Panic over everything. And try like hell to put a positive spin on it for social media.
Reality is, my job isn’t the easiest when times get tough.
But I continued to show up.
Physically I was a mess. In real life I was running away (literally). But I also knew I had far too many people counting on me to show up, a dream bigger than myself, and for that I am so very grateful.
I continued my downward spiral for months, but something inside me refused to give up.
I truly do believe the fact that I continued to show up, and that I had the most amazing community of positive people around me SAVED me.
With time, a lot of effort, and some amazing people I was able to pull myself out of that rut.
I was able to learn that I was worthy again.
I was blessed with the BEST opportunity by our company to test out a program.
I was able to completely TRANSFORM my mindset.
And for that I am forever grateful.
Tonight I got the most exciting news that I get another opportunity to TEST out our newest 100 Day Fitness program this spring!
I cannot wait to continue to take you on this journey with me and am so grateful that because of the best job ever I’ve been able to completely turn my body, my life, and my mindset around.
Just a reminder if you ever feel lost, sad, or depressed, there is alw
ays someone there for you too.. things will improve and you are never ever alone. Always here. 💛


“I just need to workout more….”

“I just need to workout more….”

I hear that statement constantly.

My response….

You really don’t.

Let me explain. When it comes to weight loss, there is a common misconception that working out more will instantly move the scale downward in no time.

No need to make nutritional changes, when you can really PUSH in your workouts 6 days a week, right?

Wrong. 🙅‍♀️

Reality is, to REALLY see weight loss or body composition changes you NEED to also address the foods you are putting in your body, and how much of those foods.

Now don’t get me wrong, workouts are AMAZING for our health. They are my therapy for anxiety, and quite often will help my clients stay MOTIVATED to continue on a healthy lifestyle.

But working out alone is NOT going to completely transform your body.

If you really want to see changes in your body you need to also address the FUEL going into to your body. It may be a bit more challenging. It may take a little more dedication. But I guarantee if you fix up your diet, you’ll start seeing the changes you crave.

No magic pills, teas, wraps or workouts required