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Volume Eating

Do you EAT for volume?! I love this comparison of meals… both healthy food choices, but one is wayyy more filling.

Both are nutrient dense but think about how you would feel after a handful of trail mix, vs the eggs, avocado, bell pepper blend?!

Just a reminder to be MINDFUL of your healthy choices 



For the love of flub…

There is a story behind this very odd picture I promise… see that flub I’m holding. I noticed it in my bathing suit the other day and smiled.. odd reaction right?!

What you don’t know is one of the few college memories I have is of that flub. I remember noticing it for the first time at school. I stood in my Mitchell hall dorm room for about 20 minutes analyzing it, crying, squeezing, poking, and pinching.

I was starting to increase my calories after years of restricting and I was miserable in my skin… looking back I was still incredibly underweight at the time, but I didn’t feel it.

So why did I see it and smile?! Because I took it as a sign that ANYTHING that weighs on your mind can be OVERCOME. It just takes time, but you can do it too