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Teacher Friendly Meal Prep

Teacher Friendly Meals via the sister! My sister is a teacher and stays on top of her goals by prepping healthy lunches for the week on Sunday…here’s a vegetarian southwestern quinoa bowl 🍚
Prefer more variety?! Make extras for dinner and pack leftovers for lunch the next day 🍽


Here’s the recipe she used!

Gluten Free Cookie Dough Bites

Healthy Gluten Free Cookie Dough Bites!Β These are sooo easy to make and a great snack or sweet tooth fix!

Just mix together, 2 tbs. coconut flour, 2 tbs. PB2, 2 tbs. Walden Farms syrup, 2 tbs. water, cinnamon, stevia, and vanilla extract. Roll into balls, roll in sprinkles and freeze 1 hour πŸͺ Β Makes 1 serving!