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Learn My Top Tips for a Gluten Free Lifestyle

As a nutrition and health coach I have become very aware of how I feel on a day to day basis based on the food that I am eating and the quality of life I am living. I wasn’t always this aware. For years I struggled with frequent headaches, anemia, bloating, low energy, and weight gain. Sounds pleasant doesn’t it? To say I had no clue what was going on with my body was an understatement.

I visited my doctor frequently, took all sorts of vitamins and medications, and had blood work done almost every other month. No matter what I did I was tired, sluggish, and frustrated. It became the daily normal to feel this way and for years I settled for a life low on energy.

What if I told you all of this began to change with a blood test. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac disease thanks to a blood test from my doctor. My world was flipped upside down. As a former whole grain carb lover, I had to change some of my favorite foods overnight and figure out what exactly I could eat.

paleomeatball2Bowls of Pasta became Bowls of Spaghetti Squash 

What started out to be one of the most stressful months of my life suddenly became the most amazing. My headaches started to decrease, my anemia disappeared, and my bloating almost completely vanished. Turns out while I had no typical symptoms of stomach problems, I indeed had an intolerance to gluten, and for years I lived not knowing about it.

When I began my gluten free journey it seemed as though I couldn’t learn fast enough. What I could and couldn’t eat became a daily research project, and everything from my prescriptions to the gum I chewed, needed to be reassessed.

DSCN1992Flour Tortillas became Collard Wraps

Luckily I came across some amazing resources that helped me along the way. Today I want to offer you that same resource. Are you in the process of going gluten free? Just diagnosed and not sure where to start? Are you curious about giving up gluten? I am offering five gluten free power sessions. For 60 minutes we will talk together about what exactly it means to go gluten free, how to transition your lifestyle, and the first steps to take. Together we will create an action plan for your gluten free journey.

You will also receive:

  • My favorite Gluten Free Foods List
  • Eating Out Gluten Free Guide
  • A List of Gluten Free Products and Brands I love
  • My Ideal Gluten Free Reading List
  • Links to my Favorite Gluten Free sites
  • Gluten Free Recipes for All your favorite foods

…All delivered straight to your inbox when you book your session

Send me an email today ([email protected]) and I will help you get started on your gluten free journey. Once I receive your email I will send you an invoice for $150.00. Once I receive your payment, you will get all of your gluten free information and we will schedule a time to chat. I can’t wait to hear from you and spill on some of my favorite gluten free tips.

P.S. Check out my latest on Mind, Body, Green… Why I Started Losing Weight When I Stopped Dieting.

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Does Eating out Give you Anxiety? Part 1

I’ve been trying to write a post to pinpoint my feelings on eating out for a very long time. I always got hung up because it is such a fearful topic for me. It wasn’t until I went out this past week that I really got clarity on what I had to say.

Let me know if you can relate to this: because I was always “on a diet”, eating out was a very taboo thing to do. I despised not knowing what was in my food, feeling like I couldn’t control my portions, and feeling like I had to stick to my diet, but most of all I hated to eat in front of people.

We’ll talk about the hating to eat in front of people in part two but for now let’s address those fears from eating out. So this past week I made plans to go out to dinner with a friend. Totally normal, right? Since I’ve been fighting my fears of weight gain and battle with ditching the scale I have gotten so much better about eating out.

Needless to say when my friend suggested going to a gluten free pizza place, I started to freak out a bit. I thought I had passed my fear of eating out so why all of sudden was there a lump in my throat? Why was I scanning the menu to see if there was a salad I could order instead?  Multiple thoughts ran through my head before going: would I have the energy at CrossFit the day after? Would I have a major “fat day” the following day? Would I eat everything in sight after eating the pizza? All this fear over a piece of gluten free pizza. Seriously.

It was after this minor freak out that I realized something; this was about so much more than just the “pizza”. This meant I was letting go of another one of my “food rules” I had created in my mind. If I fought this and went out and had some gluten free pizza I would realize that it was totally okay to eat it. I would see my progress and most of all enjoy my time with my friend. So I went, I ordered gluten free pizza, paid attention to my hunger, and enjoyed it. Not once did I actually stress about what I was eating while I was there.

This story has two main points, one is I want to show that I too still struggle and I plan on continuing to struggle, but I also plan on fighting. Had this been a year or two ago that pizza would have never been eaten, instead I would have eaten a bowl of lettuce, and gone home starving, probably left to eat more than I would have with just the pizza. Either that or I would have cancelled with my friend, and yes I was that bad.

Now while this certainly caused me some anxiety I was able to get through it and totally enjoy myself and I absolutely think you can too. My other point is that I was totally fine eating the freaking pizza. I ate it, was satisfied, woke up normal and hungry the next day, and had plenty of energy to work out. So the next time you start to freak out about breaking a “food rule” you have created or get that major anxiety rush that eating out can cause, I want you to reality check yourself. Ask is it worth the fear? Is it worth the obsession? Take that leap and step outside your comfort zone. You might surprise yourself

Anyone else struggle with eating out? What creates the most fear for you and how have you overcome it?

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