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Mango Coconut Stir Fry

Every once in a while in the winter I need a little reminder that summer is not too far gone. That someday soon it will be warm and sunny again there will be zero snow in sight. I know I have months to go until this actually happens but that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend. This stir fry reminds me of summer while still giving me that warm comforting feeling I crave from my fall meals. The addition of mango and coconut makes me feel like I’m in Hawaii even though I’m eating this in cold snowy Boston!

mango coconut stir fry


  • 1/2 cup carrots, diced
  • 1 and a 1/2 cups sugar snap peas
  • 1 red bell pepper, diced
  • 1 mango, cubed
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
  • 1/4 cup coconut aminos
  • 1 tbs. unrefined coconut oil
  • Protein of choice 1 lb. if using animal protein (I used precooked turkey breast from Trader Joe’s, but you could use chicken breast, beef, shrimp, tofu, anything you like)


  1. Chop up all of your vegetables into small pieces as well as your protein if necessary.
  2. Warm a large skillet with 1 tbs. coconut oil.
  3. If cooking raw meat saute your meat first, if not skip this step.
  4. Add your veggies to the skillet and saute until tender.
  5. Add in the coconut flakes, precooked protein of choice, and drizzle with coconut aminos.
  6. Continue to saute until everything is hot.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

Makes 4 servings

I ate mine as is but you can serve with brown rice, quinoa, or cauliflower “rice”.

mango coconut stir fry

mango coconut stir fry

What do you miss most about the summer during the winter months???

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Dreaming of….

Growing up my dreams were often my escape. In high school when I was struggling with my weight and friendships I had visions of moving to Florida and starting a new life. Then I decided I was going to move to LA and become a professional dancer for Britney Spears. You better believe I was serious. These dreams became my escape for my troubles and for the time being I was happy. I had high hopes for the future but didn’t quite live in the moment either. I anticipated my life ahead and kept planning and wishing.
Danielle Dance 1

This was my high school Dance Photo I used when applying for my degree program for college. I love the glow in my face. I was so excited to see what life had in store for me! 

Then I moved on to college and reality hit. Those were just silly dreams. I went to college, majoring in dance, and realized that I would never be good enough to be a professional dancer, in my mind anyway.This was right around the time my poor eating habits and obsession with food grew. I had no outlet or escape from the reality of the real world so I started turning to food. If I needed a distraction from daily problems I could plan my meals. Needed an escape from work and unhappiness and I could have chocolate for some pleasure. Looking back I am able to see that those dreams back in high school were saving me from my battle with food. Now instead of living in dream land, I was stuck in my reality and couldn’t experience the joy of the moment because I was so focused on my food and my sadness.

I have now found what I like to call my happy balance. I am learning to embrace those big dreams again. I may never own a house on the beach in California but why not dream about it? It’s fun, I enjoy it and it is way better for me than downing a bag of M&M’s because I am sad. At the same time I am working on living in the moment each and every day. Maybe I don’t live in my dream home just yet but I love having my mom so nearby to talk, or the fact that I get to wake up every morning and see this face:


So I ask you today, where would you go if you could escape anywhere? Maybe plan a dream vacation to an island (my trip of choice would be Hawaii) or a huge move to your ideal location! Next time you are feeling stressed, give yourself 15 minutes. Close your eyes and just dream. Let your vision take you wherever you want. That chocolate bar will quickly lose it’s appeal when you starting thinking about the beach or the mountains, and your dream vacation! Then I want you to head back into reality and appreciate the small things you can enjoy now. Maybe it’s simply the fact you were able to just take 15 minutes to yourself or maybe it’s your morning workout, or your puppy’s excitement when you come through the door. Whatever it is appreciate your life for what it is and where you will go!

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”-Buddha


I may not be in California but I can pretend I’m in the Bahamas daily! 

What are you dreaming of today??? Any dream vacations or trips you want to take?? 

Love you all!

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