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When I was struggling this past year on my health and fitness journey, I felt like the biggest FRAUD of a coach. I was gaining weight, having so much trouble staying on track with nutrition, and couldn’t commit to my workouts.

So this past week, when I caught myself stressing over whether I’m now not relatable ENOUGH, I had to check myself. Reality is, I’ve been feeling great lately. I’m sticking to my workouts, recommitted to my nutrition, and am finally seeing the scale move in the right direction.

But now, here I am worried that people won’t be able to relate to me.
What if they think I’m too perfect.
Too fit.
What if they don’t realize that I struggle too.

Then I had to remind myself…
What we share on social media is just a tiny snapshot of reality. 📸

And while it may seem like I’m super happy, fit, and LOVE to workout all the time I promise you I have my days too.

—> I was the super uncoordinated, non-sports playing girl growing up.
—> I didn’t start to workout until I was 20 years old.
—> I would LOVE nothing more than to eat peanut butter cups all day.
—> I have my own demons, battles, and internal struggles daily (hello anxiety 👋).

Just a reminder that there is no perfect coach.

No one has it together all the time. We all have our battles, and while it may SEEM EASIER for some, I promise it is not.

TRUST that you are in the exact right space where you need to be for you. Embrace it. Learn from it. And GROW. 💛



1. If you don’t learn to love yourself where you’re at you will NEVER learn to love yourself, 5, 10, even 15 lbs lighter.

2. You do not need to EARN food. Ever. 

3. Fitness will become the best form of therapy you could ever discover. Stop using it as punishment for the food you ate.

4. It is totally normal and healthy to have cellulite, stretch marks, and thighs that touch.

5. Stop wasting so much of your life to weigh 5 lbs less. There is so much more to life than a number on the scale.

6. The reason you feel so out of control with food is because you try to control it. WAY. too. much.

7. Being healthy is about so much more than the food you’re eating and a number on the scale. It’s also about what you’re thinking and telling yourself on a daily basis.

8. Your heart should be the most beautiful thing about you. Not your legs, abs, or glutes.

9. Hating your body won’t make you thin and being thin won’t make you stop hating your body. Find balance.

10. There are so many other women who feel the exact same way as you do about your body. Share your journey. Talk about your struggles. You are not ALONE.💛


Do you like YOU?

I’m not just a “health coach” with a social media account.

I am a human. I am a daughter. An athlete. A sister. A best friend.

I have bad days too. Tough workouts. Meltdowns. Panic attack’s. Failed attempts. “Fat days”. 

Things don’t always work out for me.
I skip workouts.
I slip up on my meal plan.
I have days where more Netflix than work happens.
I prefer cookies to kale.
I drink wayyy more coffee than I should.
I make mistakes.
And I am most certainly NOT a morning person.

I share this with you because behind all the “perfection” you see on social media, lives real people.

I am a girl trying to live a better life every. single. day.

I am not perfect.
No one is.

And when we start to accept this fact along own our imperfections, we start to realize that what matters most, has nothing to do with ANYTHING external or viewed on a social media account.

Nothing defines you more than your heart and the person you are.

In real life. Behind the social media filters.

It doesn’t matter how many people “like” you…. Do you like you?! 🤷‍♀️

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Happiness is worth the FIGHT

Caving into the pressure of this challenge and as I compared my very first profile picture to my current at first I honestly didn’t see much change.

“You look more alive”, my friend told me and then I realized something.

That girl on the left. She was dead inside. 

She was likely operating on less than 1000 calories. Freezing. Hungry. Planning the calories for her next meal.

She didn’t live a life.
This is a part of my story I don’t always love to share on social media, because quite honestly it’s not the funnest time of my life to relive.

I missed out on a lot.
I didn’t go to my prom.
I went home during my lunch breaks in high school.
I spent weekends at home during college so I could “control” my food and NEEDED to weigh in on Saturday mornings.

I took great pride in the fact that I kept shrinking and shrinking… and so did my life.

Slowly with lots of time and healing. I learned better. I found my strength. I gained weight. I said goodbye to extremes and starting living my life.

If there’s one thing these pictures tell me it’s this…
Health feels good and happiness is worth the fight.


Perfectly Imperfect

To all the women out there hating their legs….please stop.
Your legs carry you through life.
They allow you to run, jump, even just walk.
I always used to HATE my legs. Too muscular. No thigh gap. Just heavy. Since then I’ve grown to see them differently.
They are my strength.

They are my movement.
They are there when I fall (and I do A LOT)
Never be ashamed of your strength, your imperfections.
It’s OK to show up to the world in a very BIG way. 💕