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This is ME

I used to hate my body.
Too muscular.
Not Feminine enough.
Too big.
No thigh gap.
It wasn’t until I found fitness that I started to learn to accept my body for all it could do.
I’ll never be a size 2.
I’ll never have a thigh gap.
And let’s face it, my back will always be wide.
But I appreciate it anyway.
I take pride in everything it does for me.
No thigh gap required.



Be your own MOTIVATION.
Want to know how I stay motivated?! I focus on feeling the best I possibly can. I used to use comparison and negativity as a form of motivation but all that did was bring me down and make me feel inadequate.
Then I changed my thinking. I decided to do this for ME. I remember how much stronger, happier, confident, and healthier I feel when I live my best life.
Stop looking to be like OTHER people and start becoming the BEST version of you!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV