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This is ME

I used to hate my body.
Too muscular.
Not Feminine enough.
Too big.
No thigh gap.
It wasn’t until I found fitness that I started to learn to accept my body for all it could do.
I’ll never be a size 2.
I’ll never have a thigh gap.
And let’s face it, my back will always be wide.
But I appreciate it anyway.
I take pride in everything it does for me.
No thigh gap required.



Be your own MOTIVATION.
Want to know how I stay motivated?! I focus on feeling the best I possibly can. I used to use comparison and negativity as a form of motivation but all that did was bring me down and make me feel inadequate.
Then I changed my thinking. I decided to do this for ME. I remember how much stronger, happier, confident, and healthier I feel when I live my best life.
Stop looking to be like OTHER people and start becoming the BEST version of you!

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

Time to Rest!

In a world where everyone likes to share their highlight real I refuse to ever PRETEND I am happy and perfect 24/7.
I’ve been having a bit of an off week. I’m tired, run-down, my diet hasn’t been the best and my workouts have been a STRUGGLE.
In the past I would have beaten myself up for it, and worked out extra to balance out my diet. Not any more.
I took a rest day cause I needed it. Broke early from work for a mani pedi date with one of my favorites (LOVE having the freedom to do this!) and met a friend for a shopping date.
Just a reminder that NOBODY IS PERFECT. We’re all just doing the best we can đź’›
‪#‎MakeTimeForYou‬ ‪#‎TreatYourself‬


The Secret to Success

It’s so easy to see amazing transformation stories and read motivating quotes, nodding your head in agreement. But the reality is, all those words of wisdom and motivation mean nothing, if you don’t put them into ACTION.
When I started my journey as a coach, I did ALL the research and personal development in the world, but something was missing. It was falling on deaf ears. I heard it, I understood it, but I DIDN’T PRACTICE it. I never internalized it.
Now I have turned it into the FABRIC of my being. It’s who I AM and I try to REFLECT it in my actions every single day.
So YES go get inspired, get motivated, get pumped up. But even more IMPORTANT is this….
GO DO SOMETHING with it! 🌟