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What I Wish I Knew….

Does one sit up…. 🏃‍♀️
Checks to see if I have abs yet 😂🍪
🍯 What I wish I knew sooner on my nutrition journey…
1. No one is perfect all the time and having MORE control can often backfire into ZERO control over your choices.
2. You do not need to cut out food groups, give up bread, or label foods good or bad. The healthier your mindset around food and food choices, the healthier your body will be.
3. There is NO quick fix to weight loss. If you lose weight too fast you will likely gain it back, while slow consistent weight loss (often slower than we like) will be sustainable over a lifetime.
4. Exercise is an AMAZING form of therapy and does not need to be used to “punish” yourself for what you ate.
5. You should in fact never PUNISH yourself for your food choices. The less judgement, guilt, and emotion you can tie to your food and eating habits the better.
6. There is no magic wrap, pill, tea, or coffee that will make you lose weight alone. Trust me, if there was such a thing EVERYONE would be using it. You gotta eat well and create a calorie deficit to lose weight. Period.
7. Different things work for different people, and it is about figuring out what not only works for your body BEST, but also what you will be able to ADHERE to the best that’s going to be the key.
8. Food is FUEL. It doesn’t need to be altered, restricted, detoxed away, or fasted.
What is one thing you wish you learned sooner on your journey?! ⬇️


On Time

Someone graduated at 21, but waited 6 years to get a good job.
Someone had no education, but was a millionaire at 21.
Someone got married at 20, but got divorced 5 years later.
Someone got married at 30 but found everlasting love.
You’re not late.
You’re not early.
You’re on time. 💛


Non Scale Victory

These shorts…
I remember the soul crushing feeling of having to buy these this past summer.
Nothing fit me and I wanted to hide in the baggiest of clothes. 
The one thing I had always loved, working out was the most frustrating thing in the world.
I felt slower. Heavier. And started to isolate myself from everything I loved.
When I decided enough was enough I took it one step at a time.
I focused on the 24 hours in front of me.
I found clothes I would be comfortable in now.
I worried only about the next meal, and not the weekend, obstacles ahead, or all the things I couldn’t have.
I didn’t see progress as quickly as I wanted to but I continued to take it one day at a time.
I share this because I know the fitness journey can be frustrating.
I know your body may not always change as quickly as you like.
I know the scale can move much slower than you want.
But I promise if you’re taking steps forward you’re making progress.
Notice the small stuff.
The clothes that fit better.
The workouts that feel easier.
The energy you have that wasn’t there before.
Results will come.
Take it one day at a time. 💛


Mindset is KEY!

I have to work out today….
Correction: I GET TO workout today.
I talk to so many people who say they just can’t find the motivation to workout. One thing I’ve found is practicing GRATITUDE in any situation can almost always be a solution.
What if you stopped looking at fitness as a chore?
Instead saw it as a privilege.
Something amazing your body is capable of doing each and every day.
Today you get to workout. You get to feel more positive, improve your health, and move your body in a way that not everyone is capable of.
Will you take advantage of that?! Who’s getting their Friday workout in? 💪


“I’m doing everything right and I’m not losing weight.”


I used to say that line constantly. I still remember my frustration so clearly.

I was following a super strict Paleo diet. 
I had a Master’s Degree in Nutrition.
I was working out like a crazy.

And my body wasn’t changing.

Then, I took a good hard look at two things.

My mindset.
My portions.

My mindset towards food was horrible. I constantly thought about all the things I couldn’t eat, craved sugar all day long, and felt so much hatred for the way I looked.

Because I was so frustrated with what I “couldn’t” eat, I overate on all the things I could: fruit to get my sugar fix… dried mango, almond butter, anything to fill the gap from all the foods that were “off limits”.

So I decided to make a change.
I no longer put foods off limits.
I started to address and repair my screwed up relationship with food and my body.
I dialed in my portions and started to learn exactly how much of what foods I needed to reach my goals.

Game Changer.

Finding balance wasn’t easy. It took trial and error. And it certainly wasn’t FAST, but it was so very worth it.

And you can do it too. We can do it together. I’ve got something AMAZING coming very soon 😉
Is this something you struggle with too?