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How to have a beach body….

How to have a beach body….

Go to the beach. 👙☀️

And hear me out,

I know all too well what it feels like to DREAD bathing suit shopping.
Skip pool days for fear of fitting into a bikini.
Beat yourself up for not making the progress you wanted to over the past winter.

But I’m also here to tell just how important it is to learn to LOVE your body where you’re at while working to where you want to be.

If you keep waiting for the perfect “beach” body. For the rush of motivation. For your diet to be perfect….

It’s never going to happen.
Start now, Make this your year.
Fail forward.

Who else is ready for warm weather?! ☀️🙋‍♀️


If it sounds too good to be true…

It probably is.
One of the hardest things I see as a nutritionist is clients who come to me on the rebound of some sort of quick fix. 
They usually saw quick success.
Gained it all back.
And now struggle with a slowed metabolism, binge eating, or uncontrollable weight gain.
Listen up, there are some SCARY diets happening out there. I know it seems appealing, I know they may even work in the short term and FAST but take a second look at any diet that causes you to do the following:
—> Consume less than 1200 calories a day
—> Drastically limit certain macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) over the long term
—> Consume drops, pills, shots, etc.. pretty much any external substance that will be needed to sustain weight loss
—> Stop eating entirely for extended periods of time
The best diet is going to teach you how to understand the basics of nutrition and weight loss, and apply it in a way that fits your lifestyle.
You should be learning how much of what foods your body needs to thrive (and this will be different for everyone).
Normal, healthy weight loss will be SLOW (likely ½ lb to up to 2-3 a week) but it will also be SUSTAINABLE.
Hard work, dedication, consistency, nutrition, fitness, and patience will ALWAYS pay off. Stop looking for quick fixes and do things the right way. The results will last. 💪💕


100% of your success starts and ends BETWEEN YOUR EARS.

While talking to a few clients this weekend, I noticed a common trend among those having a tough time, and I know I can be guilty of this too.
It wasn’t their fitness getting them off track. 
It wasn’t their nutrition.
It was their MINDSET.
Truth is your mind will often give up long before you actually need to.
As soon as things get challenging, or even worse, we think “we’ve failed” we beat ourselves up, and call it quits.
We tell ourselves we’re not good ENOUGH, or other people are better.
When things get TOUGH we blame ourselves and settle.
One thing I’m learning though is there is NEVER a reason to settle and the only way to fail is to completely stop showing up.
It’s all in the stories you tell yourself.
You are in CONTROL of every situation.
You get to decide to PUSH through.
Every behavior you can ALLOW to continue or stop.
Start telling yourself YOU CAN. You are WORTHY. You DESERVE it.


What I Wish I Knew….

Does one sit up…. 🏃‍♀️
Checks to see if I have abs yet 😂🍪
🍯 What I wish I knew sooner on my nutrition journey…
1. No one is perfect all the time and having MORE control can often backfire into ZERO control over your choices.
2. You do not need to cut out food groups, give up bread, or label foods good or bad. The healthier your mindset around food and food choices, the healthier your body will be.
3. There is NO quick fix to weight loss. If you lose weight too fast you will likely gain it back, while slow consistent weight loss (often slower than we like) will be sustainable over a lifetime.
4. Exercise is an AMAZING form of therapy and does not need to be used to “punish” yourself for what you ate.
5. You should in fact never PUNISH yourself for your food choices. The less judgement, guilt, and emotion you can tie to your food and eating habits the better.
6. There is no magic wrap, pill, tea, or coffee that will make you lose weight alone. Trust me, if there was such a thing EVERYONE would be using it. You gotta eat well and create a calorie deficit to lose weight. Period.
7. Different things work for different people, and it is about figuring out what not only works for your body BEST, but also what you will be able to ADHERE to the best that’s going to be the key.
8. Food is FUEL. It doesn’t need to be altered, restricted, detoxed away, or fasted.
What is one thing you wish you learned sooner on your journey?! ⬇️


On Time

Someone graduated at 21, but waited 6 years to get a good job.
Someone had no education, but was a millionaire at 21.
Someone got married at 20, but got divorced 5 years later.
Someone got married at 30 but found everlasting love.
You’re not late.
You’re not early.
You’re on time. 💛