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Day one all over again. ☝️⁣⁣
Today I was all ready to share with you how I started to feel myself sliding back on my journey and was ready to recommit. ⁣⁣
Then I realized just how much I’ve screwed up… ⁣⁣
I did that a month ago. ⁣⁣🤦‍♀️
And guess what? ⁣⁣
I didn’t quite follow through. ⁣⁣
I started to beat myself up big time. I started to focus on all the things I haven’t been doing. ⁣⁣
My nutrition hasn’t been perfect. ⁣⁣
I haven’t been documenting my journey like I usually do (AKA progress pictures, measurements, etc..) ⁣⁣
My mindset has been slipping (hello seasonal depression & anxiety). ⁣⁣
But then I realized something. ⁣⁣
I was doing EXACTLY what I tell my clients not to do. ⁣⁣
I was choosing to ignore the fact that despite all of this I’ve been continuing to show up. ⁣⁣
I’ve been continuing to eat well 80-90% of the time. ⁣⁣
I’ve been continuing to exercise daily and push myself. ⁣⁣
And here I was focusing on the negative and stressing over things I can no longer change. ⁣⁣
So here’s your reminder as I commit to my day one all over again too. ⁣⁣
You always have a choice. ⁣⁣
Celebrate what you’re doing well. ⁣⁣
Acknowledge the not so great behaviors creeping in. ⁣⁣
And choose to control what you can moving forward. ⁣⁣
One day at a time. One meal at a time. One workout at a time. ⁣⁣
Forever a work in progress on my journey too. In this with you. ⁣👯‍♀️

What is one goal you’re working on for the end of the year?🏋🏻‍♀️


Self Love

Did you ever realize how much your body loves you?

It’s always trying to keep you alive.
That’s all your body has to live for.

Your body is making sure you breathe while you sleep, stopping cuts from bleeding, fixing broken bones, finding ways to beat the illnesses that might get to you.

Your body literally loves you so much.
It’s time you start loving your body back.

Do you?

Forever a work in progress in learning to love my body, find gratitude for everything it does, and embrace it exactly how it is right now… not 5lbs from now.

And that’s okay.

Stop beating yourself up for having the thoughts, let them come, let them go, and then find gratitude for something your body does for you. Every single day. 💛



One Halloween, I restricted my food for days so I could eat candy on Halloween. I ended up with a migraine from the sugar my body wasn’t used to any more. ⁣⁣
One Halloween, I skipped a costume party because I was so uncomfortable in my skin, and knew I wouldn’t find anything to wear. ⁣⁣
One Halloween, I spent the entire day dreading all the candy that would surround me. Would I be able to say no? Would I stick to my diet perfectly? The fear of food paralyzed me. ⁣⁣
Now, I no longer restrict, place foods off limits, or deprive myself of foods I enjoy. ⁣⁣
I no longer miss out on events, parties, or outings because of the way my body looks. ⁣⁣
I no longer let food dictate my day, or cause fear, overwhelm, or take up much space in my brain. ⁣⁣
If you struggle too, I promise you… ⁣⁣
You can find peace with your body.⁣⁣
Food will not always be the enemy.⁣⁣
Balance is possible. ⁣⁣


We’re in this together

Stop being so hard on yourself. ⁣⁣
“giving it your all”⁣⁣
does not mean you have to have it all together.⁣⁣
Let yourself heal from the things you don’t discuss. ⁣⁣
Find patience for yourself as much as you do others. ⁣⁣
Stop trying to shrink. ⁣⁣
Allow yourself to take up space. ⁣⁣
Focus on what is going well. ⁣⁣
Stay open and learn to trust. ⁣⁣
Forever work towards loving yourself more. ⁣⁣
Give to yourself as you give to others. ⁣⁣
Speak to yourself as you do to others. ⁣⁣
We’re in this together ⁣⁣💛


Choose to workout, not because you have to, but because you CAN. ⁣

Please never take your health or granted. ⁣

One of the greatest gifts we are given is the ability to move and so often it can be something we so simply overlook. ⁣

When you are short on time. ⁣
When you feel like quitting. ⁣
When you are tired, grumpy, or just don’t feel like exercising. ⁣

Remember what an amazing privilege it is to move your body. ⁣
Appreciate the fact that you are capable of getting stronger every single day. ⁣
Take advantage of a natural antidepressant and the ability to improve your health. ⁣

Choose to workout… because you CAN. ⁣

Who got their Monday workout in? ⁣💪73124633_981702400316_7622360098949562368_n