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What is beauty?

Reminder: Your beauty is not found in the size of your jeans, a number on the scale, or the narrowness of your waist. 💕
True beauty is found in the way you listen and treat others. It’s found in the sparkle in your eye, and the passion in your heart.
In a world that’s constantly trying to make you feel imperfect, learn to love and accept your beauty just as you are. The world needs more of your heart… not your six pack abs ✌️



Trust the Timing

Usually at the moment when you’re right about to give up… that’s when things start to get really good.
How true is this?
Did you know before I started my current coaching job, I had failed at 3 other business attempts?!
I had a vision for what I wanted to do with my nutrition degree.
I took ALL the classes.
Did ALL the trainings.
Tried ALL the things.
But nothing seemed to work. I had one client in the span of a year. I was ready to settle and decided to start personal training to fill in the gaps.
That same month I started my new job I got a random facebook friend request.
I let it sit for days.
I decided to accept it and got a message. Another business opportunity. I was skeptical. I took months to decide. I was POSITIVE I was going to fail.
But I decided to sign up… quite honestly to prove to him that I would in fact fail.
But something was different this time.
I didn’t give up.
I found the support I needed. I found the trainings I was looking for. I found the community I craved.
And suddenly the one thing I had deemed would never happen, happened.
I worked my booty off and created a full time online coaching business where I was able to share my story while helping other women not feel so alone on their health and fitness journeys.
The coolest part… now I get to help mentor them to start their own businesses too.
Full circle moment, divine intervention, call it what you want. But thank god I never gave up and please never give up too. If you don’t… things are about to get really good 


The Power of I AM

Say something nice about yourself ⬇️

I am ______________.

There’s power in your I am…

whatever you say will follow.

This saying hit me hard this week. After a not so great week, I was starting to doubt myself, my decisions, and even my ability to tackle my to-do list.

Then I started paying attention to what was playing over and over in my head.

“I am stressed”

“I am anxious”

“I’m tired”

And sure enough, what I put out there came to me. So I decided to try something different. I started focusing on the positives and even though I was an anxious stress case kept repeating…

“I am calm”

“I am happy”

“I am energized”

And guess what happened?! Anxiety evened out, my workouts felt better, and goals were crushed.

Now I am the LAST person to push the mindset/manifest stuff. I’m the girl who gets stressed in yoga and reviews my to-do list at any attempt to mediate 😂, but I promise it works!! .

Will you give it a try?! What’s your I AM statement going into the new week?


Reality Check

Reminder… just because it looks like someone has it all together on social media doesn’t mean that’s always true. 💕

I should be in Mexico today on an all expenses paid vacation that I worked my butt off for. 🍍

Reality: I’m in Massachusetts. Trying to figure out a last minute move after a mini flare up of anxiety and depression.

I didn’t want to be the third wheel on vacay.

I was nervous to fly to Mexico alone.

I have a great job that I love. An awesome place to live, and soon a new one. And for the most part tend to have my you know what put together, but I have my obstacles too.

I’m sharing all this not for sympathy. I’m honestly quite happy with my decision, but because I never want to pretend my life is perfect.

And reality is: no one has it all together. So next time you look at that “perfect” person remember… their reality is probably very different than their “gram”. ✌️