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The History of my Closet


A couple days ago I was cleaning out my closet. I came across the teeniest, tiniest pair of extra small shorts in the back of my closet. Five years ago these shorts were the perfect fit. Today I could probably get the entire pair over one thigh and no, I refused to try it. For a minute my heart dropped. I felt a rush of emotions.





Then a little twinge of pride came over me.

Yes I said pride. I am so much healthier than I was when I would squeeze into those tiny shorts. I was hungry on a 24/7 basis, cranky, and just about the most boring person ever. Even back when I was tiny, I was self-conscious. I hated my body. I would never wear a bikini. I didn’t like me.

My struggle with nutrition and weight loss is a bit different than most. I lost all the weight I ever wanted and then some and I was miserable. I gained it all back and was miserable.

What I wasn’t getting was my weight wasn’t the problem. No diet or smallest size possible was going to make me learn to like myself. Tweet it! I am a whole lot happier with only a thigh cramming into teeny tiny shorts than I ever was when they were loose on my hips.

Happiness doesn’t always come in a size extra small. I have the shorts to prove it.

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How to Lose Weight Without Stepping Foot on the Scale

Hi friends! Happy Saturday. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you. I want to invite you to check out my latest post on Mind, Body, Green: How to Lose Weight Without Obsessing Over the Scale. If you are a religious fan of the scale this is a must-read. It turns out the scale is not the most accurate measure of weight loss and may even be hindering your weight loss goals. Find out more by reading it all here.

If you’re new from Mind, Body, Green, Welcome! Feel free to browse around. If my article really struck a chord with you and you are wondering if coaching may be right for you, feel free to sign up for an absolutely free 15 minute call with me here. Enjoy!


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The Secret to Never Worrying About your Weight Again

I’ve been putting off writing this personal note for awhile but I figure there is no time better than today to share this story with you. As you may have noticed, I’ve been promoting Sarah Jenks’ Live More Weigh Less program on my blog a lot recently and I’ve gotten a couple raised eyebrows for it! If I am a nutrition coach myself, why then am I promoting someone else’s program? Well here’s the deal, I am promoting it because I have done it. I know it works. Sarah has been my coach and I can say I have totally shifted my viewpoint on nutrition, my body, and my life. My work with Sarah has been so much more than just a “weight loss program”. Sarah has helped me to transform my life and it has honestly been the best investment I have ever made.

You see I’ve always felt burdened by my weight and had a funky relationship with food. Up until a year ago I was attempting to apply every single little scientific fact I learned in my Master’s program to my diet with the hopes of losing weight. Then I discovered Sarah. Sarah taught me that my problem had absolutely nothing to do with what I was eating. She was real and honest with me and made my life ten times more fun. I started making changes in my life that I would have never considered in the past and suddenly I started noticing changes. Sometimes it was just a little extra positive energy in my day, other times it was the way my clothes, and other moments I found myself doing things I once thought I could not.

For the first time in a long time, I found confidence, I learned to not look in the mirror and cringe. I still remember the first day I looked back and thought “hey I actually ate like a normal person today”! Sarah has been more than just a coach, she has been a friend, a support system, and a mentor and has made getting healthy a total blast. I recommend Live More Weigh Less to you with 100% confidence because  after being a part of her program I feel like a completely different person. I have grown as both a coach and a person.

I know this weight loss topic can be taboo, but I really believe that having more fun and taking care of our bodies can be a celebration we can share in together, so I wanted to make sure I shared Sarah’s free video training series with you.  In it she lays out her roadmap for creating a life you love and body you adore.  Watching it has been a great tune up for me!

I hope you’ll check it out here because I really believe this could change everything for you.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to no longer be caught up in the self-hatred and diet cycle and I really want you to experience this for yourself.  If you have any questions, please let me know!



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