My Holiday Challenge for YOU!

Can you relate to this? ….before every holiday party, outing, reunion, or any event requiring me to wear fancy clothes from the months of October to January, I would stare longingly at my closet trying to figure out what might fit me decently. I tried on outfit after outfit declaring that absolutely nothing looked right on me. After going through about 10 options, I’d usually end up in something black and baggy and spend the entire night beating myself up. If I could just get to the gym, make healthier choices, and lose some weight, I’d be happy. Problem was no one was there to snap me out of my misery and no one was there to tell me not to wait until January first to start my latest and greatest diet.

What if you could feel and look better during the holiday season?

What if you could actually walk out wearing the first outfit you tried on?

I have just the trick. Join me in saying yes to positive, healthy choices this season. I challenge you to workout, eat healthy (most of the time), and feel freaking amazing by January first. Plus you get to do it all with an awesome group of people who will support you along the way. Send me a message or comment below if you’re saying yes.

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