Meal Prep Monday with some of my Trader Joe’s favorites. 🛍

A huge bulk of this was simply prepping some of my favorite frozen staples ahead of time.
And that is one of my biggest tips…
I used to be so guilty of letting fresh veggies go to waste, sitting on my countertop waiting to be cooked during the week.
You’ll be ten times more likely to eat your veggies if they’re easy to grab and go AND you have a plan to make them taste great. Keep it simple, convenient and ready for the week.
▶️ Frozen turkey burgers cooked on the stove
▶️ Japanese sweet potatoes (microwaved for 4 minutes & cooked in the air fryer
▶️ Broccoli Slaw & Mushrooms cooked in a skillet with Braggs Aminos
▶️ Trader Joe’s Mexican Cauli Rice mixed with a bag of frozen broccoli, frozen Cauli rice, & frozen bell peppers
What’s your favorite veggie right now?

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