Let’s Get Up with Shaun T

Introducing our newest program: Let’s Get Up!

If you’re looking to get started on your fitness journey or need a little boost to successfully restart this is the program for you!


The Basics:

The LET’S GET UP! program is 30-35 minutes of pure joy, 6 days a week, for 30 days.

The workouts are easy-to-follow cardio dance sequences, bodyweight resistance training, along with some INSANITY-based (cardio) moves set to music. The, Shaun also adds two dumbbell resistance workouts per week to torch fat, raise your metabolism, and sculpt your entire body.

Here’s the great part, you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll almost forget you’re working out!

You’ll also get five bonus rhythmic stretching segments where Shaun keeps the good vibes going as he helps you stay motivated to reach your goals. These can be done after your workout, as a way to wind down in the evening, or any time you want a little physical and emotional release.

You need very minimal equipment for this program. The dance workouts require no equipment, and the for the resistance workouts, all you need are some light to medium dumbbells.

If you want to give it a try, I have a totally no strings attached sample workout here! 

If you fall in love and would love more info comment below and I’ll reach out!

Or to join us for our hype group as we go through the program together simply send me an email to [email protected] with the subject line: LGU and I’ll be able to get you set up and ready to go!

I can’t say enough good things about Shaun T! In fact it was his exact program 3 years ago that helped me to completely transform on my fitness journey. There’s something to be said for his motivation, and how he truly address the mindset behind a successful transformation needed for change.

Here are my results since starting that program 3 years ago:


Now, I cannot wait to create your success story with you!

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