3 years of change…

Lately I’ve been getting my fair share of not so kind comments…
Things like:
You look better in the before
You’re too skinny
You look frail
You looked healthier before
And while yes we’re all entitled to our own opinions, I very strongly believe that you can only tell a part of any story from a picture.
What you can’t tell from the ‘before’ picture:
⭐ 3 years ago, I was on the constant search for my next diet and ashamed that as a nutritionist I couldn’t get it together.
⭐ 3 years ago, I was hungry 24/7, restricting myself to a low number of calories, and wouldn’t touch sweets. Then I’d overdo it on all of them.
⭐ 3 years ago, I was at an unhealthy weight for my body, battling depression, and was miserable in my own skin.
⭐ 3 years ago, I over-trained, taught too many cardio classes, and was exhausted all the time.
⭐ 3 years ago, I just wanted to be thin.
Now… I do one workout a day and only 2-3 times a week of cardio. I prioritize family time over gym time. I’m focusing on things like reducing stress, improving sleep, and the quality of my foods and overall health. I am happy and confident in my skin and am more concerned about feeling strong than looking any sort of way.
I’d say times have changed 💛

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