Win Today Only

Confession: this past month I’ve been a trainwreck. 🚂
I always have a hard time admitting it, but reality is I struggle too and this time was bad.
Missing workouts, diet off the rails, anxiety as my new best friend, weight gain, and uprooting my life has pulled me a bit off track.
But right now, I’m using one of my favorite strategies to get myself back on track.
Win today only. 🙌
I’m not stressing over the week, I’m not stressing over what I’ll do in two weeks when I move again, I’m not even focusing on what the number on the scale will be tomorrow. I’m just prioritizing today.
I’m pushing myself to exercise even & especially when I don’t feel like it.
I’m getting in my steps.
I’m pre logging my food and literally focusing on winning one meal at a time.
And most importantly I’m giving myself grace. I can’t undo what’s done and reality is I simply had other priorities for a bit, but now is a chance to get back to me and I’m embracing it. I’m not doing anything drastic, crazy restrictive, and am still prioritizing rest & recovery.
One day at a time. Win today only. 🙌
Anyone else recommitting with me?

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