The problem with weight loss…

We think weight loss fixes everything when in reality it simply exposes all of the things you need fixed…
What weight loss exposed for me:
🥦A whole host of gut and hormonal issues.
🍫A poor relationship with food, emotional eating, and sugar.
🏋🏻‍♀️Increased stress, cortisol, and a dependency on fitness.
I shared that quote last week primarily because it rang so true for me. Reality is, I lost quite a bit of weight during a time when the world felt very out of control.
I was able to prioritize my own health, take control of my nutrition, and really get through a very tough time in one piece by focusing on my body both inside and out.
BUT attempting to maintain that super lean body also exposed some harsh realities for me that became even more apparent over the past several months with heightened anxiety, a move, and major changes to my routine.
Now, I’m working towards finding a happy medium on my journey.
I’ve been figuring out some causes of bloat & digestion issues along with hoping to repair some hormonal issues through my diet (AKA gut protocol came at the perfect time).
I’m working on repairing my relationship with food, finding balance on my journey, and managing stress and emotions in practical ways.
I’m working on slowing down my fitness while still prioritizing health in a way that feels good and enjoyable to me.
These past three months have been a whirlwind but I’m grateful that they’re forcing me into action. I share this because I know so many have lofty weight loss goals, and we also assume that once we’re there, happiness will ensue.
I want to encourage you though to work on seeking happiness and health first and trusting that the perfect body FOR YOU will follow. It may look a bit different than you expected BUT once you find that happiness you’ve been searching for it probably won’t matter one bit.
Health and happiness first → weight loss second 💖

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