Life Update

I’ve gained weight these past few months and I’m purposely trying to stay here.
It’s taken me a long time to address this fully because it’s been something I’ve been fighting hard to accept, but this is my reality right now and I’ve decided to embrace it.
I’m not really comfortable in my skin. I’ve been battling the mess that is my hormones, a move, loads of anxiety, medication induced depression, you name it I’ve faced it. My hunger ramped up, I’ve tried to find a healthier relationship with food and in turn have gained a good bit of weight.
And you better believe I’ve schemed up all the diets, tactics and things to do to get back to where I’d like to be, but reality is, it’s not time to get there just yet. So instead of continuing to put up a fight I’m embracing it.
I’m deciding to prioritize my health and mental health over the way I’d really like to look right now and that is entirely okay.
This has been a huge life reminder for me that your body will face many different ups and downs and seasons and we can choose to grit our teeth and fight it, potentially prolonging things further or lean in, accept and learn.
So that’s what I’m choosing to do right now. It’s not easy, it’s been messy, uncomfortable, and took me a long time and a lot of stubbornness to get here, but here we are.
My goal with my social media is to forever be honest and transparent so here’s my update for you ❤. If you’re in a similar spot or the complete opposite spot, know that I’m here for you and we can do it together. One day at a time. ✨
I’m deciding to choose health first & I hope you do the same 😘
Do you have any health goals you’re focusing on right now?

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