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Free Core & Booty Challenge for June

Happy June!

I wanted to be sure you were in the loop for our next challenge for June. I had so much fun hosting #aprilabs this past April, I decided to bring it back for June.

This month we’ll be tackling 21 Days of Core & Booty! I’ll be sharing a free workout each day (Monday-Friday) over on my Instagram reels @daniellegracep AND we’ll be checking in within our Facebook community for some extra accountability.

We start Monday JUNE 7th for #Junegutzandbuttz

This is a three week challenge to fire up your core & glutes! Each week you’ll have 5 quick bonuses to add on to your workouts focusing on the legs or core.

You can break up your workouts throughout your week however you like! You will want some dumbbells for the lower body days but there will be an option to modify without them. Request to join our group here and then follow me over on Instagram to be sure to see all of the workouts!

As you tackle the workouts feel free to tag me so I can cheer you on!! So excited for this!