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Cookie Dough Yogurt Bowl

Since cleaning up the quality of my food choices I had to say goodbye to a lot of the “funner food choices” I’d see other influencers share.

Things like light n’ fit yogurt, sugar free pudding, skinny syrups etc, while they all taste great, weren’t doing any favors to my health. But it’s forced me to get creative and come up with improved macro friendly choices that will also fix my sweet tooth.

Enter cookie dough yogurt.

1 vanilla two good yogurt
¼ tsp organic pure vanilla extract
10 grams of sunflower butter
10 grams of vanilla casein protein (I use a stevia sweetened brand with all approved ingredients)
½ tbs. Trader Joe’s unsweetened cacao chips

Mix all of your ingredients together & enjoy!

Macros ➡️ 11 carbs 🍪 11 fat 🥜22 protein 🍳

No artificial sweeteners, no chemicals or artificial colors, no inflammatory oils. Instead it’s packed with hormone friendly healthy fats, and protein to keep you full and satisfied and your blood sugar stable. 🍭

I love using it as a dip for apple slices or strawberries.

Enjoy! 🍓