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Change your MINDSET

I have to work out today….
Correction: I GET TO workout today. 💖

I talk to so many ladies who say they just can’t find the motivation to workout. One thing I’ve found though is practicing GRATITUDE in any situation can almost always be a solution.

What if you stopped looking at fitness as a chore?
Instead saw it as a privilege.
Something AMAZING your body is capable of doing each and every day. 

Today you get to workout. You get to increase endorphins, feel more positive, improve your health, and move your body in a way that not everyone is capable of.

Will you take advantage of that?! 💪


Mindset Monday

Monday Vibes ✌️️hiding from the snow and working from home. Day one of our January group and loving the positive energy. Never go your fitness journey alone. I always used to feel so alone on my fitness journey. Not anymore. The more support the better.
Never feel ashamed for wanting to feel good.
Never apologize for ordering the salad.
Never feel guilty for making time to workout.
It’s hard to eat healthy, it’s harder to not feel good in your skin. You decide! 💛


What a difference TWO YEARS makes! How I wish I had found Beachbody and my love of fitness SOONER!! And I have to admit the mental and emotional transformation has been so much greater than the physical.
The girl on the left simply HATED everything about her body and the girl on the right has learned to APPRECIATE it. Fitness and our amazing community have given me that.
My outlook on life, self-esteem, and fitness is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT now and I’m going to let you in on another secret….I weigh exactly the same in these two pictures. Treat your body right and it will take care of you right back.
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