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The KEY to Weight Loss

When I started my nutrition journey I was CLUELESS where to start.

I tried everything….
ūüô謆Weight Watchers
ūüô謆Counting Macros¬†
ūüô謆Low Carb
ūüô謆Counting Calories

Nothing seemed to work and quite honestly I had no idea what info to believe.

So I did my own research.
Implemented basic nutrition principles.
Figured out what worked for my INDIVIDUAL body.

GAME Changer¬†ūüôĆ

Which is why I’m so excited to announce that I’ve partnered with a Registered Dietician to offer nutrition exclusive coaching.

No counting macros, no foods off limits, and exercise is extra credit. Learn to cope with emotional eating, nighttime eating, and figure out what works just for YOU!

Want more info?! Head here and check it out!


New Year New YOU Total Body Transformation

I know that January is a big time of year for us to start setting goals for our nutrition and health.  I have worked so hard over the past few years to teach women to make fitness and nutrition a part of their lifestyle and daily routine and I want you to be next!!

That’s why I’m hosting an epic 2017 New Year, New YOU Challenge Group!¬†¬†


Now one major reason why so many people fail on their New Year’s Resolutions is they lack a solid support system to stay true and committed to their goals and they approach the year with an all-or-nothing mindset. Not this YEAR!

The entire focus of this group will be taking your old habits and replacing them with healthier ones! It’s not about starving yourself, it’s about living the 80-20¬†lifestyle. It’s about facing your temptations head on, finding a healthy alternative for your treats, and making exercise a part of your lifestyle! It’s not a fad diet, a quick fix or a magic pill. It’s called dedication, commitment, faith in the process and trust in me as your coach! If you want to change your habits, be truly healthier from the inside out then I encourage you¬†to join us!

I’m going to be sharing my full workouts and nutrition¬†with you too so you can see exactly what it is that I’m doing :)

Here are some transformations from past challengers too.


What is a Challenge Group?  

A challenge group is a closed online group where no one but the members of the group can see what is being posted.  This particular group is 4 weeks long.  We will start the first week with how to navigate the nutrition plan, how to plan out your workouts, how to make yourself a priority, what should be on your grocery list, snack ideas, recipes and more!

For the next 4 weeks I will provide you with videos, tutorials, tips, tricks, recipes, meal planning and accountability.  You will check into the app based program on your phone or I pad daily to see my daily information and to log your workout, nutrition, and Shakeology.  The goal is to give you constant support so that you can change your habits and create new ones.

For many of our ladies, this is the game changer.  Anyone can go to the gym for an hour a day, but, it is what you do outside of the gym, the things you tell yourself in private, the food choices you make that are either going to cancel out that workout or bring you closer to the goal.


So how do I get started?

First we’ll need to select the program that is a best fit for you! You can start the process by filling out the application below. Once we decide, you must be willing to commit to a fitness program from start to finish for the duration of the program. ¬†I will make sure that the workout we choose meets your ability level and your preference for type of workout. You also must be willing to follow the nutrition plan that comes with your program and replace one meal a day with Shakeology. ¬†Shakeology and the nutrition plan are essential to your results. Without proper nutrition your body cannot maximize results, have energy to get through the day or sustain the results. ¬†Our goal is to make your journey with me the start of a lasting life transformation.

Beachbody Health Bet 2017, Melanie Mitro, Committed To Getting Fit, Shakeology

Wait!!! It gets even better! 

Beachbody is sweetening the deal for challengers in the New Year.  They have created what is called the Beachbody Health Bet and has put into a pot $1 million and then for every challenge pack sold between October and December they are adding $5 per package.  The minimum the pot will be is $2 million and the maximum is $3 million.

Beachbody will split the pot between every participant that starts and progresses through their program in January.  Each week you will log your workouts, your Shakeology, and participate in the group.  If you log 5 weekly Shakes and a minimum of 3 workouts into our challenge tracker app then you are entered to win the cash prize.

So are you even more interested now?

Let’s get started with our New Year Goals now!! You can find balance, learn to LOVE your workouts, and clean up your diet! Let’s get ready now!

If you want to learn more feel free to join our FREE sneak peak group OR fill out the application below if you’d like to join….